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For your Europe traveling needs

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Help & advice of all sorts, for those traveling through Europe.
This community is for all your Euro-travel related posting!
If you've gone somewhere and want to share photos or details about the trip,
if you're planning to go somewhere and have questions,
if you're dreaming of going somewhere and want to discuss it,
if you are looking for or have information about: visas, passports, customs, flights/airlines, trains, buses, cars, where to stay/go, where not to stay/go, etc, in Europe,
all your Euro-travel related posting is welcome here! =D

Please join if:
\\You have traveled in Europe.
//You will travel in Europe.
\\You have a desire to travel in Europe.
//You have questions pertaining to travel in Europe.
\\You have photos pertaining to travel in Europe.
//You have information pertaining to travel in Europe.
\\You have read and will abide by the rules.

The Rules:
\\Before posting, please look in the tags and see if what you are looking for has already been asked & answered. If you don't find what you need, use proper tags (rules/guide found here) in your own post.
//Please do not be too broad with your questions. Instead of "I'm going to _country_, what should I do??," please either do some research first and ask if people think specific things are worth it or not, and/or if they have any other suggestions to add, or something like "I'm going to _city_ and I'm interested in _interests_, do they have any _museums/exhibitions/attractions/etc_ you think I should go to?" and/or "I'm going to _city_ and I'm looking for a _price range_ _lodging type_ nearby _tourist attraction/city center/transport/etc_, does anyone have recommendations?"
\\Photos are more than welcome, but please do not put more than one outside the cut, and keep to a respectable size. Captions are also a nice touch, but not strictly required.
//Keep posts on topic, anything related to traveling in Europe is fair game. Anything not related to Europe travel, is not. This also applies to anything overly personal that would not benefit anyone else. Posts like "I'm bored does anyone live in this area that wants to do something??" will not be approved.
\\This is an English-language community, but if you can provide an English translation, then feel free to post in multiple languages.
//No spamming or hateful/rude posts or comments will be tolerated. One warning, then you will be banned.
\\Do not delete, freeze, or turn off comments on posts, and do not delete posts. If there is concern about something, come to me.

Feel free to contact me, monkeedreamer, if you have any questions, problems, or concerns regarding the community. If needed, you can reach me by email @ monkeedreamer[at]livejournal[dot]com.

*Also, I am always open to suggestions anyone may have about the comm, I want everyone to get the most that we can get out of it, so if you ever have any thoughts/tips/ideas, go ahead and let me know! I promise that I will take what you say into consideration, and implement it if I think it will work out. =)